United Kingdom Operation

Every digital platform, SME
and marketplace can turn
the burden of managing
payments into a new financial 

growth engine

Every digital platform, SME and marketplace can turn the burden of managing payments into a new financial growth engine

UNIPaaS comprises a full suite of
payments processing and selected
Fintech innovation features

Streamlined Onboarding

Merchants, Sellers, Riders, Restaurants.
A smooth, digital validation process for UK based entities and businesses.


Global markets reach.
Offer the right payment methods.


Local and international payouts on demand. Control the funds cycle in your ecosystem.


Banking services, Lending, Open banking. stay up to date with the latest financial services technology.

Our solution will allow your systems to work as usual, while giving
your business an extra boost.


consult. customise. support.
your chief financial technology officer.

London Office

UNIPaaS Financial Services Limited
64 New Cavendish Street London, England, W1G 8TB

UNIPaaS is a global cloud-based fintech platform designed to respond to the diverse payment needs of your growing business. We deliver secure, reliable and compliant ‘as a service’ solutions to scaling digital platforms and merchants.

Take full advantage of easy, hassle free access to fintech innovation. The UNIPaaS solution provides your business with flexible pay-in/pay-out options both locally and globally. This lets you drive up your margins while sparing you from dealing with the technical and regulatory hurdles.
Enjoy smooth access to fintech innovation, thanks to our white label solutions for growing Marketplaces, Gig Economies, eCommerce, Scalable Platforms, in B2B and B2B2C.
Partnering with UNIPaaS means getting Solid Industry Networking, Compliance and Regulation, Global Payment Operations, and Fintech Driven Product Development.

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